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List related items for K2

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Take control of your Joomla! K2 Related Items with the "Items Related to K2" Module. @Javi_Mata

HOW IT WORKS ­ The module generates related items based on the category of the current. Best of all, you can control how the related items are displayed in the module based on the following parameters:

  • Sort by
  • Item title
  • Item Image (specify size)
  • Introtext
  • Read more You also have the ability to control the module class and the K2 override template.


This module get the actual categories to display a list of related items for category

First, get the Menu value, if this is a K2 Categories get the categories params

Second, if use a module like K2 Tools get the category for the link

Thirt, if are in a Item view get the id of the item and get the category

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